“Snow Rose” Our Unique Japanese Rose Extract

With the recent skincare trend, consumers prioritise cosmetic products which are natural, transparent, and clean. Evidence to prove and guarantee these qualities and benefits to the skin is crucial to any brands. Our original ingredient of the “Snow Rose” extract implements those of concerns.

The “Snow Rose” extract is 100% natural ingredients derived from the precious Alba Rose which is grown in the snowy environment of “Hokkaido”, in Northern Japan. Facelabo is the sole and exclusive company who provides the Snow Rose formula with extract controlling the all processes from cultivation of rose to production of the finished products.


Clean and Sustainable

Snow Rose extract is a by-product of the rose water extraction procedure. During cultivation, no pesticide is applied, and no chemical solvent is used throughout the steam extraction process.

The rose farm, we align with in Hokkaido, believes the Snow Rose contributes to the wellbeing of people’s lives. Not only through the benefits of the pure and natural ingredients produced by delicate rose, but also through the local industry that the rose farm helps to support.


“Made in Japan” Rose

It is said that rose is weaker than the other plants as it is delicate against disease. Due to very humid and rainy climates, cultivating the rose in Japan is supposed to be very difficult. However, Hokkaido has the most suitable climate for rose cultivation. There is less humidity, less rain and a cool summer. Although the winter temperature is very low and it snows heavily, the Alba Rose has an exceptionally strong resistance to the cold. Such wonderful conditions make it possible for us to provide the best quality and the most unique Japanese rose extract.


Functionality by Our Unique Research

In the cosmetic industry, the rose is a historical and common ingredient for fragrances and luxury concepts. However, we would rather focus on the unique functionality in the Alba Rose. Through the research collaborated with the authoritative university, our R&D evaluated the antioxidant and anti-photoaging effect of the Snow Rose extract. We also published a paper regarding its efficacy in IFSCC 2018 Congress in Munich. And we are applying Japanese patent.


If you are seeking for innovative products or ingredients, we can provide finished products formulated with the Snow Rose extract.




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