Brilliant Experiences for Beauty World Middle East Exhibition

In recent years, East Asian cosmetics have been improving their fanbase not only in Asia but also in a lot of Western countries. One of the leaders is K-Beauty, however Made-in-Japan cosmetics are also getting attention since its skin care methods and stable qualities are recognised as J-Beauty originals. Therefore, the demand from overseas companies that want to develop their own brands by utilising skincare manufacturer in Japan are rising. Aligned with these growing needs, the cosmetic export amount from Japan exceeded imports for the first time in 2016. Currently we, Facelabo are actively gaining a lot of clients in various regions and. One of our focusing countries is UAE (Dubai). UAE beauty and personal care products market is approximately growing included Middle East and Africa market, and there are many people who have highly interests on maintaining their beauty from our prospective. As we attended several overseas exhibitions, we would like to share our experiences about Beauty World Middle East (BWME), the largest beauty trade-show in the Middle East.


Cosmetic Fever Hits Dubai’s Women

We first visited Dubai two years ago. It is a sophisticated and an exciting place that mixes exotic and traditional Arabian- culture inside a futuristic city. What impressed us most were the beautiful women and their passion for cosmetics. When walking around town, I found that lots of cosmetic shops from various countries are in every mall and various products are ranged up in the showcases. Above all, the experience in SEPHORA is very impressive. On weekday evenings, even though the only high-end cosmetics are lined up, the store was full of people, and I could see that women were really enjoying their shopping. A significant difference is to the mediocre numbers of shoppers seen in Japanese stores on weekday evenings. Through this experience, we are sure that Japanese skincare products have the possibility to be chosen as their favourite shopping lists.


Exhibition for Beauty World Middle East Dubai

At the BWME exhibition, many women visited our stand and showed a high interest toward our products. In addition, we could see lots of women who were enthusiastic about starting a cosmetics business and creating high-quality skincare products from Japanese manufacturer. We exhibited our botanical skincare products formulated with “Snow Rose Extract“, oriented in Japan. Its uniqueness such as production place (Hokkaido), sustainable process and efficacy data on UV damage surely attracted interests from visitors. Through BWME exhibition, we noticed a new trend that people are getting realising that a true brand is focused on its quality rather than name value. We now feel stronger that we can support and raise our client’s brand values by providing fine skincare products from manufacturer in Japan.

We were planning to join BWME this year as well, but unfortunately the exhibition has been postponed until 2021. Currently we are switching our plans toward to next year’s exhibition and starting to prepare for it. Our original product “Snow Rose Revitalised Serum” was nominated for this year’s BWME Award held in 13-15th December as a Niche Product category so we’re looking forward that event. So, I must wait patiently for the next exhibition and excited to see Dubai again…. it’s sizzling sunshine, and the taste of kebabs and hummus while watching the fountain at Dubai Mall!



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