Privacy Policy

Facelabo Co., Ltd. has established our personal information protection policy as follows and complies with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines established by the government, and other rules, and promotes the proper handling and protection of personal information.

1. Acquisition of personal information

  • In acquiring and using personal information, we specify the purpose of use as follows and will not handle personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use (use for other purposes).
    Regarding the acquisition of personal information, we will obtain the consent of an individual, in principle and acquire only information that is in line with the purpose of use (company name, address, name, contact information, other information provided to our company at the time of transactions, etc.).
  • Types of Personal Information Purpose of Use
    Information of Business Partner ・Responding to inquiries and consultations
    ・Proposal of more optimal products and services of our company and providing with various information
    ・For operations related to the performance of transactions and contracts
    Those who have contacted us ・Responding to inquiries
    ・Proposal of our products and services and providing with various information
    Those who have given us their contact information by exchanging business cards, etc. ・Proposal of our products and services and providing with various information
    Job applicants ・Provision of recruitment information
    ・Contact regarding recruitment

2. Disclosure to Third Parties

  • Our company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties other than our company's subcontractors without the prior consent of an individual, except when disclosure is required by law.

3. Sharing Personal Information

  • Our company will share and jointly use personal information as follows. Please refer to Section 5 below for safety management measures for such sharing.
    • (1) Items of personal data to be shared
      ・Contact information of business partners
      ・Transaction history, etc.
    • (2) Purpose of use of personal data to be shared
      ・Implementation of transactions
      ・Proposals for our company's products based on the results of analyzing information such as transaction history
      ・Providing with various information based on the results of analyzing information such as transaction history
    • (3) Persons who share the Personal Data
      FC Chuo-Yakuri Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
      FC Laboratories Co.,Ltd.(Thailand)
      Chuang Mei Jian International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
    • (4) Person responsible for sharing Personal Data
      Please see description 6 below.

4. Inquiries, Corrections, and Complaints regarding Personal Information

  • With respect to personal information possessed by our company, an individual may inquire, request to correction, deletion, or restriction of use, complain about the handling, or withdraw consent to the handling, etc.
    For such requests and petitions, please contact us as follows.
    • Contact: Fukuroi Factory General Affairs Department
    • Tel: +81 538-45-2155
    • Mon~Fri 9:00~17:00 (JST) (except for national holidays and New Year holidays)
  • For these requests and petitions, we will take necessary procedure without delay in accordance with related laws and regulations only when we can confirm that they are made by the person in question.

5. Management of Personal Information

  • We will take preventive measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leakage of personal information, and promptly implement corrective measures in the event of such occurrence. We may sometimes outsource the handling of personal information, but even in that case, we will select a company that sufficiently protects personal information and instruct and supervise one to pay sufficient attention to management to prevent such occurrence.
    Among other things, we have taken the following measures.
    • (1) Establishing basic policies and regulations
      In order to ensure the proper handling of personal data, we have established a basic policy on the handling of personal data and have established detailed regulations regarding the handling of personal data.
    • (2) Organizational security control measures
      Our company has appointed a person responsible for the handling of personal data to oversee the conditions of personal data handling, receive necessary reports, and take prompt action.
    • (3) Personnel safety management measures
      Regarding the handling of personal data at our company, we will impose appropriate obligations for handling such data on our employees and educate them properly.
    • (4) Physical security control measures
      Our company appropriately manages the handling of personal data and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing and acquiring personal data.
    • (5) Technical security control measures
      We implement appropriate access controls to restrict the scope of personal data accessible to employees properly.
    • (6) Measures for sharing information
      In the case of sharing and joint use, we limit the cases where sharing is necessary, and among sharing users who are our group companies, we have created standards for handling personal information in compliance with the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law, and comply with them.

6. The Description on the Person who handles Personal Information

  • The controller of retained personal data is as follows.
    • Facelabo Co., Ltd.
    • Address: 1934-2, Kuno, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka JAPAN
    • Representative Director: CEO Kenta Asahina