Support Tailored to the Diverse Needs of Our Clients

From planning to contract manufacturing, we address the needs of our clients by combining flexible, speedy, and reliable systems with outstanding R&D capabilities.

We offer a range of solutions to meet the demands of a broad variety of clients, through planning, development, and manufacturing of cosmetics and health supplements. In addition, we can create the documentation necessary for compliance with the applicable rules of relevant countries.

  1. 1.Meeting


    Our staff is ready to consult with you to find out the kind of cosmetics or health supplement products you wish to create.

  2. 2.Planning


    Based on the information collected in our meeting, we communicate your needs to our R&D staff, so that we can get to work on developing formulas.

  3. 3.Sample development

    Sample development

    After investigating the optimal ingredients and format for your product based on your requirements, we create a sample of a cosmetic or health supplement.

  4. 4.Evaluation


    We evaluate the performance of the sample and test its stability and safety to confirm its quality.

  5. 5.Presentation


    We present to you a sample of the developed cosmetic or health supplement formula.

    You then confirm that the plan and sample satisfy all requirements. And if necessary, improvements are made.

  6. 6.Signing a contract

    We draft and sign a contract that defines the terms and conditions of the transaction.

  7. 7.Regulatory applications (cosmetics) and product registration

    Once the necessary step of notification of the cosmetic is completed,
    we begin preparing for production.

    For cosmetics and health supplements, we arrange all the necessary documentation
    for product registration in your country.

  8. 8.Manufacturing

    We begin mass-production of the cosmetic or health supplement product.

  9. 9.Testing and inspection

    Physical and chemical testing, sensory testing,
    and microbiological inspection are all performed.

  10. 10.Filling and finishing

    This is the final step of the product manufacturing process.
    Finally, out of our stringent production control system, the product is born.

  11. 11.Product inspection(final inspection)

    To ensure that the product can be marketed, we conduct many strict quality checks.

  12. 12.Shipping and delivery

    We deliver the product to you at your specified time and place.

  13. 13.Follow-up

    We can continue to support you with repeat orders, product renewal, and other needs.