Contract manufacturing service for your brand

We meet your needs with a flexible, fast and reliable system and R&D capabilities
– from planning to contract manufacturing.
We make proposals to suit your diverse needs. These proposals include the planning, development and manufacture of cosmetics, quasi-drugs and health supplements as well as support for overseas development.

  1. 1.Meeting


    Our sales staff meet and interview what is your ideal cosmetic, quasi-drug or health supplement.

  2. 2.Planning


    We share your thoughts based on the information we heard in the meeting stage and start product planning.

  3. 3.Trial Production

    Trial Production

    We consider the optimal ingredients and dosage forms. We then produce samples of the cosmetics, quasi-drugs and health supplements. We repeatedly improve these until the desired results are obtained.

  4. 4.Evaluation


    We check the quality by performing usage evaluation, stability test and safety test to secure a quality standard.

  5. 5.Presentation


    Present a sample together with suggested bottle.
    You can check that the requested plan and the sample match.

  6. 6.Finalization

    Conclude a sales agreement.

  7. 7.Pharmaceutical application(Quasi-drug)

    We make an application for quasi-drugs and a notification for cosmetics.

  8. 8.Manufacture

    Start to manufacture.
    It is the first step which your idea and dream can be true.

  9. 9.Bulk test and inspection

    We perform a physiochemical test, a sensory evaluation and a microbiological inspection on the manufactured bulk. The final process only starts when these tests are completed.

  10. 10.Filling and finishing

    This is the final process of making the product.
    Through the strict control, your product is finished.

  11. 11.Test and inspection

    Conduct a final examination.

  12. 12.Delivery

    According to your delivery plan, we provide all-in-one service.

  13. 13.Follow up

    Support for repeat order or renewal of product.