Research systems pursuing an innovation and individuality.

Basic Research

We have R&D team in Tokyo office where a main office for sales team. R&D team is working on basic research for an innovative and unique material or formula development for the customers, together with the marketing team.
Sales, Marketing and R&D are working in the same floor, we can put the system in order to develop new technogy which links a market treand or customer's demand.

Development of material

Snow rose TM

We are developing a material for providing new and unique suggestion to the market.
For an example, we are researching a funciton of Alba rose made in Hokkaido, and then develop formulas with Alba rose.
Not only researching new material, and also researching the function in order to respond to the market.

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Collaboration with academic

Snow rose TM

We are collaborating with universityies for develop a new technology or a new material.
Utilizing knwledge by the authorities and laboratories in the universities, we try to expand our R&D development.

New technology which is developed based on collaboration with academic, is presented at a sicentific institute.
Our knowleddge and experinces are accumulated and piles, and try to create the next new research.

Formula development based on a research

Snow rose TM

Together with our marketing team, R&D team is working on an original formula development which correspond with the market demand and trend.
We try to increase a varietion of formula, which has function and texture for the customer's demand, and also formulas with safe and stable.

Evaluation of function

Evaluation of function

We try to evaluate the function.
We measure if there are any changes with skin by using like a practical use. We try to develop a formula with an evidence.